07 July 2010

New Release!

Hooray! Today is the day my SF short novel The Antaren Affair is released. I'm really excited about it and am looking forward to hearing what readers think.

As I've written in other posts, I think that SF is entering a new era with the advent of ebooks. Romance has led the digital way, but I expect that SF niche publishers will emerge within the next ten years. I hope those niches include SFR and SFER (Science Fiction Erotic Romance). There's definitely a market for it, and I suspect that market is 1) largely untapped and 2) likely to grow as readers become ever more comfortable with technology and the concepts behind SF.

Since today is release day, I'm going to indulge myself and talk a little bit about The Antaren Affair. I've always been interested in how cultures construct gender and sex--i.e., how they understand and perpetuate "appropriate" roles for males, females, and those who are in-between.

So what if a highly intelligent woman from a sexist world meets a man from a world that has achieved equality? That's the fundamental conflict I deal with in the book. I make language the common ground between the hero and heroine. Language also enables the heroine to escape oppression to a certain degree.

Language structures how we think. Language establishes the conceptual limits for what is possible. To a certain extent, if we don't have a word for something, it's really hard to get our heads around it. As a writer, I think about language all the time and I had great fun devising grammatical principles for the Antaren language. I hope you enjoy the book!

P.S. If you do like it, let me know whether you'd be interested in reading Jhōltan's story.


  1. Hello!

    Buy the book so it was released!:)
    I almost cried at the scene where he calls to return with him. She knows nothing about freedom and choose.

    Ah!I love jealous of the heroes in books! ;)

    Only found the end very fast! :(

    As the story of Jhōltan, I wish he would break with a woman who would be the end of our heroine, a planet where women dominate men and he had to "accept" such a different culture for the sake of negotiations. Sure it would be the target of jokes from his coworkers he had a wife "bossy." It would be fun. If not for the Jhōltan ... for another book ^ ^

    Excuse the English, I read better than write LOL


  2. Dear Luciana, So glad you liked it! I'm thinking about finding Jhōltan a woman from Vanora (the notorious "pleasure planet"), who is smart, self-assured, and doesn't take any nonsense from anyone. I'll keep you posted!