About Erica Anderson

I write erotic romance from my home in Southeast Alaska. While I've set most of my stories in Regency-era England (roughly 1800-1820), I'm also trying my hand at science fiction and contemporary romance.

I'm currently working on two writing projects. One is set in Regency England. It's the story of a woman who has been passing information on (suspicious) French emigres to the Home Office, which is a really early version of MI-5, during the early Napoleonic era. The heroine falls in love with her contact at the Home Office, but trouble and danger ensue when he's forced to ask her to seduce a dangerous French espionage agent.

The second project is my first piece of erotic science fiction. The hero is a colonel in the military forces of an interplanetary empire. He's sent to make first contact with the Antarens, who control a strategic part of interstellar space. When he arrives, he's presented with a "gift," which is really an Antaren woman who has been sent to "entertain" him. Through the course of learning Antaren customs and language, the colonel falls in love with her. But she comes from a culture where, at least for women, expressing personal wishes or desires is taboo and romantic love is an impossibility. I'm really enjoying this project, because the heroine slowly breaks out of the confines of her own culture and discovers a life of independence that is forbidden to the women of her world.

I'm fortunate enough to live right on the water, on Alaska's Inside Passage, so I get incredible views of mountains, glaciers, Admiralty Island, and a variety of marine mammals and seabirds every day (well, every clear day).

When I'm not writing, I'm teaching at university or watching birds, gardening, or working on contemporary-style quilts. I read voraciously and prefer historical fiction, historical romance, science fiction and space opera. I share my home with my rescue kitty, Cyrus.

You can reach me at