01 November 2010


Some very fun news to report: Heather Massey, who runs the smart and informative SFR site The Galaxy Express, will be using the cover of The Antaren Affair in her December LoveLetter Magazin column. How cool is that? Even though I don't read German--LoveLetter is published in Berlin--I'm all excited about the book getting some international exposure.

Haven't been writing much myself. Sigh. That whole earning-the-cat-food-money thing is demanding way too much time. We've hit the middle of the university semester and both students and professors are experiencing a bit of a slump. Add to that the fact that winter has finally arrived. And it's dark.

I'm hoping to carve out some time (heh heh) during Thanksgiving to work on The Vanoran Affair. I've left poor Jholt and Tesla in the lurch for way too long.

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