17 September 2010

Historicals Set in Germany

A couple of days ago I discussed Irene Goodman's contention that a 28K historical romance set in Germany won't sell. No matter what. Although I believe Goodman was referring to print pubs, I'd like to mention that Debra Glass, who writes historical ER, will be releasing Twice the Novice, which features a Bavarian count on October 15th.

Bavaria is in Germany.

Not sure of word count, but I suspect it's a novella, which means it runs less than 30K. Just saying' . . .

Since I'm on the subject of historical ER, I'll mention that I just read Debra's Alabama-set Civil War romance, Rebel Rose. I adore the cover. And the book's great, too, with a MeOW-worthy hero and a great sense of place. [Just FYI, Debra's an Ellora's Cave author. So am I, though I don't know her personally.]

I'm so glad that some of the best writers in the ER genre--Glass and Samantha Kane--write historicals.


  1. Thanks for the shout out!!

    Yes, Novice is set in Germany in a fictitious principality in the Alps. (Loosely based on Neuschwanstein castle) :-) What better setting than Germany for a historical bdsm story??? ::snicker::

    I majored in German in college and spent some time there. The country is beautiful and the people were very welcoming. I loved it.

    My historical, More Than a Mistress, (Siren Publishing) also has a German setting - Berlin, 1740s.

    I've got to get Not Quite a Lady. Fantastic cover!!

  2. Hi Debra, thanks for visiting! I'll definitely be reading More than a Mistress--glad you mentioned it.

    And keep those Civil War-era erotic romances coming. I enjoyed Bought and Paid For, too. You convey an incredible sense of place with those books. And I love love love those demanding-in-bed heroes you write.

  3. Thank you! I love your blog. Another EC author has a Civil War historical coming out with Loose Id in November. Beguiled by Paisley Smith. This one is F/F! Should be interesting. :-)