24 April 2010

Historical Fiction

I'm a long-time reader of historical fiction: think Dorothy Dunnett, Cynthia Harrod-Eagles, and Philippa Gregory. Until recently, I was forced to load up my suitcase with historical fiction every time I went to the UK. This made it difficult to travel with sufficient clothing, but I was happy to sacrifice myself upon the Altar of Fiction.

Much to my delight, there's been an emerging trend in historical fiction published by North American authors. Available even in the Frozen North without paying ghastly expensive airmail postage. Here are a couple of good historical novels published in the last five years:

On a Highland Shore, by Kathleen Givens

The First Princess of Wales, by Karen Harper

The Rules of Gentility, by Janet Mullany (not, technically, an American, but she lives on this side of the pond)

Strange Saint, by Andrew Beahrs

The Queen's Lady, by Barbara Kyle (from Canada, which I can also see from my house)

I suspect that this trend is due, in part, to the success of Philippa Gregory and the sale of movie rights to Hollywood (think The Other Boleyn Girl). Incidentally, Philippa Gregory has an absolutely gorgeous website.

Whatever the reason, I'm grateful. Now there's more room in my suitcase for clothes!

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